Salim Vohra
UKPHA Health Impact Assessment Position Paper

publication: position paper

UKPHA Health Impact Assessment Position Paper

UK Public Health Association, 2010

All the countries of the UK now have community health and wellbeing as a key policy objective.

The UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) strongly supports the use of HIA as a means to achieving better health outcomes in all areas of policy, strategy and development.
The UKPHA advocates the use of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as an important and effective approach to ensuring that community health and wellbeing is being protected and improved.

The UKPHA recommends that HIA should become a mainstream approach, and considers that the uptake, quality and standing of HIA should be enhanced through a consistent application.
The UKPHA believes that the promotion of HIA and HIA techniques can provide a valuable focal point for greater interaction between health and strategic and development planning bodies, and help to bring about the wider application of good practice in this area.

The UKPHA became a part of the UK Faculty of Public Health in 2011.

I was one of the team that helped to write this position paper.