Salim Vohra
Living Knowledge

What was LK?

Living Knowledge was a public health consultancy that was created in 2003 and closed in 2007. It was founded by myself and Jacob Leveridge.

I am now Director of the Centre for Health Impact Assessment at the Institute of Occupational Medicine.

Jacob is currently Medical Humanities Adviser (Biomedical Ethics) at the Wellcome Trust.

We closed LK because we both wanted to move on to bigger challenges.

What LK did

We worked in the fields of risk, health and environment.

We provided a range of public health consultancy, training and research services.

We supported work on health inequalities and health improvement in urban and rural communities primarily through health impact assessment consultancy, training and research.

We worked with local authorities, primary care trusts/ health boards and private sector developers.


Living Knowledge's vision was:

To empower and enable individuals, groups and organisations to reach their full potential; acting as catalysts of change, turning information into understanding, understanding into action and action into achievement; and thereby making a positive and meaningful contribution to the global human community and our natural world.

LK Values

Our focus was (and still is) on the creation, maintenance and enhancement of local and global cooperation and partnerships between communities, NGOs, public institutions and business.

We believe in social justice, equality and environmental sustainability.

We believe that we all live in a single global community and what affects one affects all

We believe that we are all embedded in a network of interconnected personal, social, cultural and ecological relationships to everyone and everything on our planet.

We believe that both cooperation and competition are important aspects of our social and natural worlds.

We strive to create a talented multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-lingual organisation that reflects the diverse and vibrant world that we all live in.


We aim to navigate, chart and guide others through the complexity, diversity, challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century in a fair, inclusive, open and cooperative way.

Integrating and synthesising business, government and civil understandings and approaches.

To provide a holistic and coherent range of ideas, understandings, tools and approaches to help develop ethical, radical and innovative solutions that are robust, flexible, sustainable and meet the needs of our clients in terms of value and effectiveness.