Salim Vohra
Home Zone Community Planning

consultancy: healthy urban planning, community involvement

Dart Street Home Zone Community Planning

London Play, 2007

In this project I was project leader and coordinated the community survey, on-street community engagement as well as the development of the Home Zone designs

London Play, a charity looking to improve children's outdoor play, funded this pilot work to explore how London streets can be improved to make them better places for local people and, especially, children.

The purpose of the Home Zones for London (HZfL) pilot programme is to encourage and empower local communities to work in partnership with local authorities in the designing of streets and the development of Home Zones.

A Home Zone is a set of principles by which new residential streets can be designed and existing ones re-designed to make them shared public spaces for everyone whether they are pedestrians, cyclists or public and private motor vehicle drivers.

This report details the planning, implementation and findings of this community planning project between December 2006 and March 2007. It also outlines the next steps for turning the ideas and vision of the local community into a reality.