Salim Vohra
Greenspace HIA Guide

consultancy: guide development, healthy urban planning, policy making

Health Impact Assessment of Greenspace: a guide

greenspace scotland, Health Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and Institute of Occupational Medicine, 2008

This writing project, for which I was lead writer and project manager, involved developing a overarching summary of a literature review of evidence undertaken by the University of York and key questions to ask when dealing with new greenspace policies, strategies, plans, frameworks, programmes or projects.

  • provides background information on greenspace and current greenspace policy context in Scotland
  • contains a summary of a review of international research evidence on greenspace and health
  • suggests questions to help apply this evidence to specific greenspace or greenspace-related proposals
  • outlines how to use this evidence to do a HIA including creating causal pathway diagrams
  • provides short case studies of some completed HIAs of greenspace
  • highlights sources of data and further information on greenspace