Salim Vohra
Environmental Epidemiology

research: environmental epidemiology

Conceptual Issues in Environmental Epidemiology and Environmental Health

MSc Project, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2003

This project aims to explore some important conceptual issues in environmental epidemiology and environmental health. These issues have been framed in the broadest possible terms so that their scope can encompass epidemiology and environmental health as a whole.

Hence, my objective in this project is to attempt the development of a theoretical schematic framework-model-map placing the various levels of analysis in context to provide a practical tool for looking at the interaction, impact and importance of factors leading to health and disease.

To look at how a complex systems framework-model - a qualitative scientific model - can be developed that encompasses these ideas and links up to and expands upon existing models in epidemiology like the web of causation. I hope to show how this expanded framework-model not only has implications for research epidemiology but also links up to the development of a complex systems-based framework for environmental health.