Salim Vohra
Framework for measuring sustainable neighbourhoods
Posted on September 16th, 2011

Really cool way of meausirng the sustainability of a neighbourhood at one point in time and over time. It has been developed by the Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London, England, and is based on the LEED ND standard developed by the US Green Building Council.

"The questionnaire is based on 13 topics and people in the area are asked to rate them:

Firstly according to how well provided they think these things are at the moment;

Secondly according to how important they think they are

Anyone who lives in, works in, or uses the area can answer the questionnaire and it takes about 10 minutes. It can be delivered via paper copies, or via an online survey. We tested out a lot of different methods and techniques, all covered in the testing report.

The red line on the profile is the 'trend line': in an ideal situation this should slope from top-left (most important issues being most well provided) to bottom-right (least important, least well provided).

The blue line is the profile itself: it shows how far each issue is from the overall trend, so particular issues can be highlighted.

The bars show how much consensus there is about each issue; so if the blue and grey bars are similar heights, then there was no agreement on that issue, whereas if they are different heights there was more agreement. "

Check out the website by clicking here or copy

Hat tip Marcus Grant via Linkedin

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