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William Morris definition of health
Posted on August 19th, 2011

' least I know this, that if a man is overworked in any degree he cannot enjoy the sort of health I am speaking of; nor can he if he is continually chained to one dull round of mechanical work, with no hope at the other end of it; nor if he lives in continual sordid anxiety for his livelihood, nor if he is ill housed, nor if he is deprived of all enjoyment of the natural beauty of the world, nor if he has no amusement to quicken the flow of his spirits from time to time: all these things, which touch more or less directly on his bodily condition, are born of the claim I make to live in good health'

William Morris. How we live and how we might live (1884). (in) A. L. Morton, ed. Political Writings of William Morris. Lawrence and Wishart, 1973. Via Alex Scott-Samuel, Health Equity JISC email network.
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