Salim Vohra

About me

I an currently lecturere in health promotion and public health at the University of West London.

I am also Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Honorary Fellow at Staffordshire University and an Editorial Board Member of Environmental Impact Assessment Review.

I am Founder-Director of Public Health by Design.

I was Director of the Centre for Health Impact Assessment at the Institute of Occupational Medicine between 2007 and 2013.

I am an expert in the applied science of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and am an internationally recognised HIA consultant, researcher and trainer.

As a HIA expert I'm interested in how environmental and social factors in the broadest sense affect individual and population health and wellbeing; how health impacts and risks are perceived in society; and how we can come together to balance the health and wellbeing positives and negatives in global, societal and local community policy and decision-making so that they lead to better environmental, social and health outcomes.

I have broad experience of public health and also have expertise in health in other impact assessments (e.g. EIA, SEA, ESHIA); integrated impact assessment; healthy public policy; health in all policies; healthy urban planning; community consultation and stakeholder engagement.

News and views

Check out News to find out:
  • what I'm working on at the moment
  • my thoughts, perspectives and advice on being a public health (and HIA) professional
It also links to blogs that I write for the HIA Blog.

Below are some of my recent posts.

Why this website

This website brings together and showcases all the public, environmental and occupational health (and community development) work that I've done and been involved in since 1999.

I'm very proud of this work but as you'll see this work could not have been done without the help and support of a lot of really great people and organisations. Thanks Folks, you know who you are
and I owe you a lot.

Firstly, I hope this website will help me to get a better sense of the direction of my public health thinking and work and so better plan my public health journey.

Secondly, I hope you will find the material and thinking on this website interesting, useful and, most importantly, re-useable in your own work.

Thirdly, this website is an archive for my work at Living Knowledge Consulting and elsewhere (including my PhD thesis) which you can't currently find on the web as well as a point of contact for people who know me from this previous work.

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages and get in touch if I can help you or if you are involved in projects that link to my areas of interest.